Thursday, February 23, 2012

New pages in my smash book to add to the Color Me Creative Smash Challenge

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday February 22

Today was a productive day - hired someone to paint at the house I'm selling and the flooring man came and measured for the new floors (the end of repairs are in sight so we might actually get to sell this house soon).  I also got the first of the characters painted on the golf cart - this is completely new for me - I thought I had painted on most everything but I was wrong.

he's on the  back corner - before I'm done there will be Flintstone's characters all over this golf cart - it was difficult starting because it is such a cute well painted golf cart - but once I started I might as well go for it.  The owner loves it.

This is the ultrasound picture of my first great grandchild - It's a girl - we are all so excited.

My friend's little girl has some pretty serious heart problems - she goes to see the heart specialist tomorrow morning - they thought she would get better by now but it hasn't (she's 18 months now) - so keep her in your prayers please.

Have a wonderful night and come back soon!

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