Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Friends
I just got this card uploaded in time to enter it in the CMC alcohol Ink challenge "Red"
My Sister's birthday is next week and a version of this card will go to her - probably not red but blue since that is her favorite color.  I just returned from her house in Virginia Beach.  My brother in law had a stint put in and  I was concerned that he might need bypass surgery again because last time they said they were going to put in a stint the next day he had bypass surgery (that was 6 years ago).  I had to spend the night in the airport because they kept pushing my flight back until at 1 am they said the next flight is at 5 am.  I did not want to do that again although for him I would.  Anyway I saw my niece and her family.  Her two boys are like my own grandsons - the oldest turns 18 next month (he will always be about 4 to me)  and the youngest is 7).  They are as different as night and day but I love them very much.  The oldest is going to college to be a zookeeper - he has known that he wanted to be a zookeeper since he was about 3 (much like my own son who is an illustrator with a bachelors degree from Ringling College of Art and Design - He even picked out the college in 3rd grade) Anyway I went to the Norfolk Zoo and got a great tour because he has been either going to Zoo Camp or now volunteering there for over 10 years.  Also while I was in Virginia I got to go to a Virginia Tech game - I love VT and they beat Duke.  As soon as I got back I was priveleged enough to get into a weekend of classes with Irina Blount who designs the La La Land Stamps that I love dearly.  I learned so much and enjoyed meeting her.  We all laughed so much.  I plan to post more soon.

 Thanks for visiting! Jennifer

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